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Advertisement Sticker (note taking software)  v.7 6 Sticker is easy to use note taking software for Windows. Using note taking software you can easily create quick notes any time you need to jot something down. note taking software is perfect for simple note taking,

ECCS - a note taking application  v.1.0.0

Electronic Cerebral Cortex System - an external harddrive for your brain.


Note taking simplified  v.77

*nts* provides a simple format for using text files to store notes, a command line interface for viewing notes in a variety of convenient ways and a cross-platform, wx(python)-based GUI for creating and modifying notes as well as viewing them.


Type and draw anywhere just like pen and paper. Livepad is a note taking software that behaves like a Tablet PC. Capture Web Clippings, Pictures, and URL's. Record Audio and Insert files from other applications such as Spreadsheets, PDF's etc.

Notes PP  v.8 2

Notes PP - note taking software for Windows. Notes PP is desktop sticky notes program that helps you organize your life. Notes PP is easy notes software that easily reminds about daily tasks or special dates and events such as birthdays,

WhizFolders Organizer Pro  v.6. 3. 2005

Great tool to organize notes, links, and all those bits of information. Note Taking Software and Outliner for Windows. Makes it easy to create, manage and cross-link your notes and ideas with drag & drop ease. Heavy-duty software.

KNote  v.0.96

KNote is an advanced and secure note taking software with built-in file management and blogging abilities.KNote Features: 1. Secure Keep your personal notes truly personal. Unlike other note taking programs that store one's notes online in plaintext,

Note Studio  v.2.0.4

This program is a note-taking software that allows text to be formatted and pages to be linked together. It also has built-in encryption. Pages can contain links to other pages, so your notebook can be arranged like a Web site. This allows simple,

Sticker Lite  v.6 3

Sticker Lite is free note taking software for Windows that helps you record, keep and manage important information, dates and events on your computer desktop.


NoteScribe is a premier note-taking and organizational program developed to assist students, professors, researchers, or anyone else in the organization of their notes, papers, study materials or any other digital information they choose to manage. In

Notes 444  v.2.3

Notes 444 is the premiere HIPAA compliant psychotherapy note-taking software that does all of your billing AUTOMATICALLY.

MemPad  v.3.42

MemPad is a plain text outliner and note taking software with a structured index. All pages are stored in a single file. The software offers standard editing functions including cut, copy, paste, undo, date/time insert, drag&drop,

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